I graduated from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, with a double major in Biological Sciences and French. After briefly working in the fashion industry, I found my calling and passion in education.  As an elementary and secondary science teacher, I became the initiator and foremost authority in inquiry and project-based learning and differentiated instruction at my school.  Upon transitioning to teaching French, my student-centered approach contributed to the development of thematic-based unit plans with a focus on 21st century skill development and performance-based assessment.

Recently, I relocated to San Francisco from New Jersey and joined the staff an international non-profit Project Based Learning Organization, BIE, a natural progression from my previous roles as a PBL teacher and teacher leader. I moved from creating and facilitating professional development committees, teacher workshops, and instructional improvement within my district, to a national role, where I coordinate the planning and implementation of PBL professional development workshops and follow-up coaching.

I loves all aspects of teaching, but especially enjoy the creativity that comes with challenging oneself to continually improve, learn, grow and reflect on teaching and learning. And of course, share with others.

This purpose of this blog is just that.


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  1. Hi,

    I am also a Rutgers Graduate, in my second year of teaching Spanish. I’d love to keep up with your blog… Especially using social media more in the classroom.


  2. I enjoyed reading and learning from the great job you did. I am also a science (chemistry) and French teacher at the high school. I like how you use technology to help student focus and show what they can do with the foreign language they are learning.
    Merci et tous mes encouragements!

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